This is a 1.3 ounce sterling round.

The medals was minted in the 1970's

Commissioned by the Franklin Mint to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Michelangelo. 
Piero Monassi of Italy created this fine art medals depicting the following works of Michelangelo:

Piero Monassi name is on medal coin

Coin medal size 1 3/4"  1/8" Thick

Coin Medal number: 2211

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This coin medal is in good condition. It is really beautiful in its detail. The pictures are of the coin you will receive . Besides being a great collectors item and a great gift, pure Silver is up in the last 5 years and art bars and rounds are bringing a premium over the spot price of silver from investors and collectors. This is a fun way to invest in silver and have a beautiful art piece . Great gift or add to a collection.

THIS piece, like many other coins and medals minted in this era, experienced severe withdrawal from the collector market into the melting pots during the "great silver melts" of the late 1970s and 1980s (caused primarily by the run-up of silver prices by the Hunt brothers). Plus no one know's how many of these silver pieces are left with all this melting, Effects of the silver melts and the popularity of the subject matter makes certain items extremely collectable and an interesting addition to any collection.