Disney Store Plush Golden Accents 18" WINNIE POOH in Velour Top & Swirl Bow  



We offer: Quality Items--Affordable Realistic Prices--Quick Service


Simple Toys--Simple Treasured Pleasures

***for Children of All Ages***








THANK YOU to those who make each day brighter for at-risk children

One plush toy sent out our door headed to a new home = 3 hot meals to a child right here in the United States

You CAN & DO make great changes to better at-risk childrens lives thru your generous purchases




We are a Christian faith-based activist community childrens charity working with distributors, gift stores, & toy shops, purchasing--not getting free--extra toys & turning them into necessary basic needs revenue for at-risk children.
ALL items offered are listed truthfully--using our own pictured items.  There may be items without paper hang-tags sent direct to us...but that does Not mean lack of quality.  If you are a shopper with "pristine" ideas toward charitable endeavors discounting toys meant to bring joy to children--then please shop at full retail costs in brick & mortar stores.  We understand that there always be certain people --no one can ever please--and our true customer-base of kind supporters is more important than that type of "perfect?" purchaser.  There is no sadder attitude than any "buyer" who asks--Has a child ever held this toy?!
While we do accept returns as all good sellers, we do not participate in any return labeling program & do not pay any return shipping costs due to cost-rising abuse of that program.  If that is not acceptable or understandable to you--then simply shop elsewhere .
We do answer all serious buyer questions about all items.
We always try to price our offered items more than fairly, but we can still appreciate REALISTIC generous offers sent with respect & kindness.  We depend on good people to think from the heart -- not just the pocketbook.


We can never claim to always offer the lowest pricing--but we CAN claim to Always treat buyers with Mutual Respect & Affordable Quality.



 Now Offering over 2000 toys on all 5 of our web venues--Your Visits always welcome!











We have run out or room to hold all the toys we have in inventory with new arrivals still coming.

We are offering larger plush at greatly discounted pricing.

The greatest majority of these quality heavier plush will be soft-bag shipped--simply to save you as much on shipping costs as possible.



Disney Store Plush Golden Accents 18" WINNIE POOH in Velour Top & Swirl Bow  
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Disney bodytag

PLEASE shop & ask any questions prior to purchase.
If you are looking for a particular toy item, we are happy to look thru our vast inventory on our auction venues & website upon request.












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