Fortin Barometer

A superior standard mercury barometer suitable for altitudes up to 600 meters.

The Barometer has a nominal bore of 7mm. 

Graduated scales covering 675 to 810mmHg and 26 to 32 inch Hg.

The scale are screw fastened to metal frame at the top of the tube. 

Vernier reading is 0.05mm Hg and 0.002inch Hg 

Provided with an adjustable knob, it is mounted between the two scales.

The reservoir has a standard type of adjustment screw and index with the Barometer fitted with -10 to 50 degree C mounted on a polished base.

Comprising black lacquered brass tube with silvered scales at the top calibrated.

This instrument is fitted with an adjustable vernier for taking extremely precise readings. Half way down the tube is a thermometer calibrated in degrees Centigrade. 

The Barometer is mounted on its original polished back-board with two patches to assist with reading 


Condition : Brand New

Please Note : This Barometer is not available for sale in UK