A creation inspired by the Union Jack, featuring a heart shaped charm of the British flag, which comes with a handcrafted polka dot ribbon strap, a beaded white charm, and of course a crown shaped charm! ^-^

All charms are grouped into a cluster and attached to a stainless steel clip.

This accessory also comes with a complimentary phone string, which can be easily detached by using the clip, if you wish to clip your charm elsewhere.

Extremely versatile and girly! This kawaii accessory can be used in multiple ways; you can attach it to your phone, your bag (which I love to decorate xD), as a zipper pull, your camera, and more... it's all up to you! ^-^

Ribbon strap measures: 11 cm long (4.5 inches approx.) - red reads a little brighter than it is on camera

Phone string is 9.5 cm long (3.75 inches approx.)

Charm measured from the top of the clip to the bottom of the ribbon is 13 cm long (5 inches approximately)

Union jack charm size: 2 cm (0.75 inch approx.)