On offer is a super, rare, original manuscript maritime diary kept by several men who deserted from the U. S. S. Hartford, January 26, 1901, while on liberty when the ship docked at Barbados, British West Indies. James Connelly, from New York City and Forrest L Evans, Laconia New Hampshire, identified in the free end papers, leave their the ship and through prior arrangement they meet up with a few more sailors from the ship and meet others by surprise. In total we learn that 15 men are named as deserters from the Hartford. While there a number of different hands writing the majority of the writings are by Connelly and Evans we believe. Beginning the first week of January when the men are transferred from the U. S. S. Buffalo to the Hartford. It was on the Buffalo that the desertion was originally conceived, but it was on the Hartford where it was carried out. The narrative of desertion is only hinted at first: On January 20 Evans sells his sea boots and other gear he won't be needing. Upon landfall in Barbados, Evans and Connelly are paid off and they go on liberty. They buy civilian clothes and sleep on the beach. Their only further contact with the ship was when they were nearly scooped up by four policemen and a party of officers from the Hartford. They are hidden by blacks who have taken them in, but they start starving because their new friends are too poor to sustain them. We start off with Connelly and Evans, than more men are dropped into the narrative with no indication of how they arrived. Researchers, historians and collectors of naval and maritime history will recognize the uniqueness of a manuscript retelling in the hand of the actual deserters. Here are snippets: "Tues. Jan. 1, 1901 It's hot today. Did a little washing and made a lot of clothes slops. Wednesday 2 Left Trinidad tonight at six o'clock. Did some washing. Today Campbell was sent from cooking to ships waiter. Thursday 3 Had bag inspection then signed for accounts. Had a balance of $66.30 due me. Found my ??. Arrived at Lagueria at 6.30 Fri. Jan. 4, 1901 Got up at 5.30. Lashed our bags and hammocks together and at 4.30 were transferred to U.S.S. Hartford. Saturday 5 Turned out at 5.30. Took on stores from The Buffalo and scrubbed wash clothes. Sunday 6 Had general muster and scrubbed wash clothes and then scrubbed down spar deck Monday 7 Scrubbed hammock this evening and washed clothes, scrubbed deck. Had bag inspected and put down for small stores. Tuesday 8 Left Laguire Venezuela at about four o'clock and made six knots all night. Had to stand two sea watches, 8 -12, 4 - 8. Wednesday 9 Had the four to 8 watch this morning and we were all sent to the doctor and examined this afternoon. Thursday 10 Worked tonight about two hours from ten to twelve trying to anchor. Arrived at Port of Spain, Trinidad about 9.30 p.m. Was half tired to death. Friday 11 Got up at 7.00, was detailed as side cleaner and worked all the fore noon and most of the after noon. Got woman tatooed on my right arm. Saturday 12 Got up 5.00 and scrubbed sides. Had some tatooing done on my right arm a bird, and a heart and dagger. [Forest L. Evans describes himself and his body art] Sunday 13 Got up and got inspected & went to church. Had liberty today and went all over port of Spain Trinidad and got back at five o'clock. Had inspection today. Monday 14 Got up at five and did my work. Sat around with Davis (?) In the head almost all the afternoon. Tuesday 15 Got up and did my work then Arthur and I went up in the head and I shook dice for a cent a shake and then he and I and two others played poker Wednesday 16 Got up at 6.00 and did my work, worked almost all the forenoon. And shook dice all the afternoon. Thursday 17 Left Trinidad today at one o'clock for three day sail drill then Ho for Barbadoes and liberty. Friday 18 Got up and cleaned my gun and hustled all the forenoon making sail and this afternoon tieing knots and hitches. Saturday 19 Got up and cleaned my 6 pounder and scrubbed sides. Took the wheel the forenoon. Sunday 20 Had inspection then had target practice and anchored at 7.00 p.m. Sold my green boots for $1.50. Monday 21 Turned out at 5.30 and scrubbed my wash clothes. Laid off Trinidad for target practice with small calibre & five inch guns. Scrubbed clothes tonight. Tuesday 22 Scrubbed clothes this morning and had target practice with our own guns. Our six pounder did good work. Started to steam for Barbadoes this afternoon. Wednesday 23 Got up at 4 and stood watch til 8 and scrubbed decks and then took things pretty easy the rest of the day. Signed for $71 today. Thursday 24 Arrived at Barbadoes this morning and anchored at 7.30. Friday 25 Drew pay this after. Got three pounds & five shillings equal to $15.60. Saturday 26 Went on Liberty at one o'clock. Connelly and I bought citizen's clothes. He and I slept on the S. J. Smith of Nova Scotia. [Connelly and Evans desert from the Hartford] Sunday 27 Got up at 6.00 landward and he and I struck out into the country. Slept in an open field that night. We walked about 10 miles today. Monday 28 Got up and started out. Went to the other side of the island. Found a fine place and stayed there the rest of the day and slept there all night on the cliffs. Tuesday 29 Got up this morning at sunrise and Ward was covered with poison (?????). We moved to the sea shore and slept by the sea tonight. Wednesday 30 Got up this morning at sunrise and eat some bread and bananas and drank a little wine. Took train to Bridgetown. Starboard watch on liberty but couldn't find Ward or Connelly but had to start out for the country lest we are arrested. Thursday 31 Found a good place on the sea shore and stayed there all day. Slept in a open field last night. Tonight we sleep in a little hut. Friday, Feb. 1 Got up about 4.00 o'clock and went down to the sea shore. Slept and went in swimming this afternoon and then slept in the same hut that we did last night. Saturday 2 hot Got up this morning and had a little to eat. Today is like a Sunday here. They have church and the Queen buried. Had about fifty coons around us all day and a couple around us at night. Sunday 3 Hot Got up early this morning and took a long walk up the sea shore then back and had our dinner sat around the rest of the day and slept in the hut. Monday 4 hot Got up early and washed our faces and shaved each other then we went over to Mrs. Brown's shanty and she gave us dinner and supper and we slept in the hut. Tuesday 5 hot We got up early and washed and then had good breakfast and a fine dinner and an excellent supper. All this was given us by Mrs. Dorothea Ann Brown a colored woman who has done everything for us. Wednesday 6 We got up rather late this morning and had coffee at Mrs. Brown's. This afternoon a team load of officers off the ship and three policemen were searching around here for us. Mrs. Brown hid us away and we slept with her. Thursday 7 We got up and had breakfast with Mrs. Brown. Did some washing, sat around and ate dinner and supper and slept there. Played with the dice in the evening, and had little smoke. Wrote two letters today. Friday 8 Got up and washed some clothes. Sat around and read and shot dice and slept. And at night we slept in the security with Mrs. Brown. Saturday 9 Got up at sunrise. Sat around the house this afternoon we went in swimming and stayed in 2 hours hours and a half and I got all sunburned. Sunday 10 We got up early this morning. Went in bathing and then sat around and slept & read all day. Monday 11 Got up and washed and went in bathing and eat and sleep all day. Ward went up and visited a house and brought back some toast. Tuesday 12 Got up and had our coffee. Had dinner and then went to Bridgetown to the Sailor's Rest. Had supper and slept there. Met Herschfield. Wednesday 13 Got up and saw Connelly and got some Chinese ink for tatooing and put on one piece today. Slept in Sailor's Rest tonight and so did Connelly. Thursday 14 Got up and sat around. Put a dagger on a fellow and the Topeka men had a liberty and we borrowed of them for feeds, drink and money. Friday 15 We get a little off from the Topeka men liberty party and I did some tatooing and slept at the Rest. Saturday 16 Got up and washed had a feed and sat around all the forenoon and some tatooing and stopped at the Sailor's Rest again tonight. [Forest L. Evans was skilled at drawing and while in the Navy took up tatooing. Above is a colored drawing he sketched out in the journal of a tatoo he was proposing to a client] Sunday 17 Sat around the Rest all day. Did some tatooing and sleep there again to night. Monday 18 Got up and Connelly and I went down to the docks and found a schooner and tried to ship as A. B., (Able Bodied Seamen) but there was no chance today. Tuesday 19 Got up at 6.30 and had a feed. Went down to docks but there was no chance. Hershfield & I and Connelly got our supper on the Mercedes of Nova Scotia. Wednesday 20 Sat around all day trying to get something to eat but we did not succeed very well. These are hungry times here, Back doors are no good. Thursday 21 Got up and went to see the American (Consul), the whole of us. Got put out of the Sailor's home and Hirschfield, Connelly and I slept in a little house with a fellow named Sefield Wilson. Friday 22 Got up and shaved and stood here part of the day, then we went into the city and took a walk around the wharf but there was nothing doing. Saturday 23 Got up and sat around all the forenoon, then afternoon we went to see the Governor of this island. Sunday Feb. 24 Sat around all day and read and tried to rest. Had my ear pierced. Dark and gloomy. Monday 25 Got up and went over to Mrs.Wiley's(?) And Jim was making baskets today. Tuesday 26 Went into town and there was nothing doing there. Jim made baskets today. Very miserable. Wednesday 27 Got invited over to Mrs. Sykes house and had dinner. Then went to a party given for our benefit over to Mrs. Wells, ice cream, bananas, cakes, bread, & coffee. Thursday 28 Got up. We did a little coloring today and went over to Mrs. Will's house. And Herschfield and Lefield went fishing tonight Friday Mar. 1 Got up and I went to town. Left Jim and Joe sleeping, they would not stir so I went alone but I could not do nothing so I came back home. Saturday Mar. 2 1901 Jim and I went to town today but there was nothing doing there and I could do nothing. Not discouraged. Sunday 3 Got up and dressed and Jim and I went to town. Mrs. Sykes took us to the Seven Day Advent with her. Monday 4 Got up early this morning. Went to town but there was nothing doing. Came home and sat around for the rest of the day. Waiting still waiting. Tuesday 6 Got up late this morning. Made two baskets and sold them. Went into town. Nothing doing came back and staid around the house all day. Expect to get a ship by Sat. While there's life there is hope. Thursday 7 Got up early this morning, made two baskets and me and Evans went to town. Came back and laid around the rest of the day. Friday Mar 8 1901 Arose early and staid around the house all day Saturday 9 Went to town early this morning but there was nothing doing and laid around all day. There are more sh-ts than ships here. Sunday 10 Arose early this morning and laid around the house all day. Monday 11 Rose early this morning. Evans went to town but it was useless. Came back and staid around the house all day. Tuesday 12 Got up early this morning, went to town. Same old story. Nothing doing. Came back and laid around the house all day. Wednesday 13 Went to town this morning. Nothing doing came back laid around the house all day. Thursday Mar. 14, 1901 Got up early this morning. Went to town had a lunch of pea soup and bread for breakfast. Bought some cloth, came back and staid around the house for the rest of the day. Friday 15 Went to town this morning, had some peasoup and bread. Came back and staid home the rest of the day. Damn this island and its coons. Saturday 16 Rose early this morning, made two baskets, went to town, nothing doing. Sun. Mar. 17, 1901 Staid around the house all day Monday 18 Rose early and went to town. Made two baskets today. Nothing doing. Tuesday 19 Went to town this morning, had some bread and pea soup. Nothing doing. Wed. Mar 20, 1901 Got up early this morning and staid around the house all day. Thursday 21 Arose this morning and left Mrs. Wilson's house and came to town and staid at the naval Home on Bay St. Friday 22 Got up and dressed. Dewey and Evans and Griffin went in swimming and Evans and Dewey went to town and got a little money, got back about 5 P. M. Sat. Mar. 23, 1901 We arose this morning at 7 A. M., had a breakfast of oatmeal and bread and coffee, went to town, and back and hung around the house all day. Sunday 24 Got up and my head was as big as a barrel. Dewey got fired out and I got my foot full of sea eggs. Monday 25 Arose early and went to town. Saw the Consul. Expect to be signed on Saturday. Evans, Griffith and I got 2 and 6 (2 shillings and 6 pence) off the Consul. Mar 26, 1901 Went to town this morning. Hung around the Italian Consul til noon, But could not see him, came back home. F-ck it all. Wednesday 27 Got up and dressed, me and Griff, went to see the Consul, but he was not in so we came back home. Thursday 28 Got up at 7 A. M. Had breakfast and Evans went to see the Consul. But, there was nothing doing. This is a f-cked up asshole of the world. Fri. Mar. 29, 1901 Got up early this morning, staid around the house all day. Life in this f-cked up Hoorhouse of an Island is a farce. Saturday 30 Got up and dressed, did the same as yesterday and took a little walk in the evening. Sunday, 31 Arose early this morning and this afternoon and took a walk in the country and got back about 6 o'clock. The case looks serious at present. Mon. April 1, 1901 Rose early this morning, had breakfast and then went to see the Consul. Nothing doing as usual. Tuesday 2 Tuesday dawning and no sign of ever getting away from this cannibal Island. Went to town, came back, took a walk in the evening, turned in about 9 P. M. Wednesday 3 Went to see the Consul today and tried to shit but couldn't. The case is hopeless. Thurs. April 4, 1901 God knows whether we will get out of this prison dead or alive. Went to see the Consul today. He promised to see the Captain for us. Left the Naval Home today. Mrs. Armstrong moved. We are in doubt where to sleep tonight. Slept on the beach tonight. Friday 5 This is Good Friday. All the stores are closed. It is like Sunday. Had some coffee and bread this morning on board the Bark Carpassioan (?), St. Johns N.B.. Went out for a swim and a row in Tom Berry's boat. This is a long miserable day. Saturday 6 Slept in the Naval Home last night on the floor. Went to see the Italian Consul again today. Nothing doing. Hung around the beach all day. Tried to sell the razor, but could not. Hung around the beach the rest of the day. Sun. April 7, 1901 Slept in the naval Home on the floor last night. Got up about 6 o'clock A. M.. Took a walk to the dock and I went aboard the Ghithay to see a fellow, but he was on the Olinda from Liverpool, Eng. And he was ashore. Monday 8 Slept in the same place. Got up at 6 and I killed ten fleas out of my shirt. Today is a bank holiday for the ???????. Laid around the beach all day. Took a boat and rowed out to the Olinda and I seen Albert Joyce and went aboard the Whaling bark Bertha from New Bedford, Mass. Tuesday 9 Slept in the same place last night. Got up early and went to see the Consul. He said he would try to get us shipped Jupitor bound for New York some time this week. Came back and hung around the beach all day. Wed. April 10, 1901 I slept in Mr. Cheeks boat shop last night and he gave me some tea this morning when we got up. Had some coffee also off the woman across the street named Mrs. Carew. Seen the Consul this morning and got 7 pence, came back and laid around the beach all day. (")Still living(?) Thursday 11 Me, Dudley and Evans slept in the same place last night. Had some coffee off young Cutting and some coffee off Mrs. Charles. Lanigan and Liverpool started to fight but got chased. Got a six pence off a woman named Mrs. Holden and had some pea soup and bread and laid around the beach all day. Friday 12 Arose at 6 A. M. Had some coffee of Mrs. Charles and Mrs. Carew and some tea of another woman then went to see the Consul and Dudley got a six pence and a shilling off another fellow off the Hartford who was in the hospital with consumption. Dudley got a letter from home. In the afternoon we took a walk to town and heard the Jupiter was going out next Tuesday. Sat. April 13, 1901 "Golden Hours" (?) Got up about 6 A. M. Had a saltwater wash. Came down to see the Ital. Consul. Came back to the Sailor's Rest and Dudley got his money off Mr. Weeks, about 6 shillings and then went to town and bought some clothes. Had some tea and bread and came back and laid around the beach all day. Sunday 14 Got up about 6 A.M. this morning had a salt water bath, had some tea and bread. Hung out the Boat house half the day and down the beach the rest of the day. Had some bread and tea and sweet spuds off Mrs. Phelps. Monday 15 Got up at 6 A. M. The Jupiter went out yesterday. I guess we are doomed to stay here. Took a walk as far as the Consul and went into the ice house an hour or so, came back and laid around the beach all day. Tuesday 16 Rose this morning at 6 A. M. Had our tea and breakfast. Went to see the Consul but there was nothing doing. Dudley got a letter and a ticket to home on the Fontableau which sails Saturday. We and Dudley took a walk to the dock and came back and hung around the beach, then ???????. Wednesday 17 Got up about 5.30 A. M.. Had a wash and I took a walk down to the Josie of Weymouth N. S., but the Captain in but he was no good. Went aboard the Olive Thurlow of New York and saw the Captain, But was told to be at the Consul in the morning at 10 o'clock. Thursday 18 Arose about 5.30 A.M. and had a wash and I took a walk as far as the dock. Slowly starving to death. Haven't had a square meal in 3 months. The curse of Christ is on us and this island. Went to see the Consul this morning and got a shilling. Hope to ship as ordinary seaman tomorrow aboard the barkentine Olive Thurlow, bound to New York. Fri. April 19, 1901 Rose about 5.30, had a wash. We had a shave yesterday off Ross. Had our coffee off Mammy. Went to see the Consul and got a ship at last. Shipped as ord. Seaman this morning on the Olive Thurlow bound for Trinidad, then to New York. Sat 20 Turned out about 5 A.M. Had coffee and bread then up anchor and under way about 8.30 A. M. For Trinidad for a load. Fair wind today going about 10 knots. Worked pretty hard today. Took trick at wheel on 4 to 8 dog watch. Sunday 21 Stood 8 hours sea watch last night. Passed Tobago and sighted Trinidad at about 12. Stood 4 hours sea watch last night. Had 2 hours trick at the wheel. Out 8 hours tonight. Mon. April 22, 1901 Stood 8 hours sea watch last night, had 8 to10 trick at the wheel. Expect to make port tonight. Passed Tobago and anchored in Port of Spain Trinadad at 10 P. M.. Went to sleep at about 11 o'clock. Tuesday 23 Turned out at 6. Got some gear up out of the hold, scrubbed the deck. Left port of Spain and anchored at La Paria tonight at about 9 o'clock. Wednesday 24 Worked hard all day cleaning out the hold. Thurs. April 25, 1901 Worked hard as well today. Damn near worked ourselves to death cleaning out the hold. We are going to load with pitch from the Pitch Lakes. Friday 26 Turned out at 6 and commenced to load today. Worked hard all day and took nearly 70 tons of pitch aboard. Saturday 27 Turned out at 6. Worked ourselves to death, nearly took about 60 more tons aboard. Worked like a bloody horse trying to do it. Sun. April 28, 1901 Today is a day of rest. We lay down in our bunks in the forecastle most all day. I wrote two letters home and mended my pants. Monday 29 Turned out at six and went to work at the winch and worked hard all day, loaded about a hundred tons of pitch today. Was tired tonight. Tuesday 30 Turned out at six. Worked all day at the winch, and loaded about 90 tons of pitch. Was more than tired tonight. Wed. May 1, 1901 Turned out at the usual hour and pulled on the mankiller all day. Loaded over 100 tons. Was near dead tonight. Thursday 2 Got up at six, worked hard this forenoon and all the afternoon at the winch. Loaded about ninety tons today. Closer ???? dead tonight. Friday 3 Got up at the usual time. Worked the winch all day, took in one hundred and three tons today. Was tired enough tonight. Sat. May 4, 1901 Got up this morning at six. Had 65 tons in at noon, and at night we took in a hundred and twelve tons altogether. Played cards this evening. Sunday 5 Slept until about 7.00 this morning and laid in my bunk most of the day and went to sleep early. Monday 6 Got up at 6.00 and worked on the winch til about 10 this morning. Then loafed until 12.00 and then worked the winch until about 8.00. We have sprung a leak and had to run ship's pump twice today. Tues. May 7, 1901 Worked at the winch all day today. The Capt. Went to Port of Spain today to clear on the departure at that port. Wednesday 8 Worked on the winch again today and at the pump, our cargo is almost completed and we will be ready for sea soon. Thursday 9 Got up and worked at the winch all the forenoon. Finished loading about 5 P.M. today. Fri. May 10, 1901 Turned out at the usual hour and worked about the deck all day. Everything is ready to sail tomorrow. And we are ready to go to sea. Saturday 11 We are up at four o'clock this morning, got anchor up and made sail, not much sail, and we are steering due west. Are bound for New York at east & noreast. Sunday 12 We are now fairly underway for home. We have splendid wind and if it holds out we will be in New York in 10 days from now. Had only 4 hours in last night. Mon. May 13, 1901 Had 4 hour trick at the wheel this morning. Out 8 hours tonight. Had a severe squall tonight but it didn't last long. Tuesday 14 Worked tarring down the rigging today, and the fore foretop and to gallant rigging and the main and main top and mizzen and mizzen top. Wednesday 15 Sighted Santa Cruz this morning. Finished tarring down the rigging today and scraped and greased the mizzen mast. Thurs. May 16 1901 Passed St, Thomas this morning and sighted Puerto Rico. Also passed St. Kitts. Worked laying down all the forenoon. Friday 17 Worked like hell all day scrubbing paint work. The boom to ???? broke this afternoon and raised major ???? for a while. Saturday 18 We have a little breeze today after being calm for two days. Had 8 hours out last night. Have finished almost all of the scrubbing paint workand all that remains is to paint and scrape. Sun. May 19, 1901 Bright and pleasant. Washed the quarter deck about five o'clock and took the wheel at six. Good breeze this morning. 8 hours out tonight. We live on hash here every night for supper, hash, hash, hash. Mon. 20 Had 3 hours trick this morning and four hours this afternoon making about ten knots if it holds out we will be in New York Saturday. 8 hours in tonight. Tuesday 21 Had 4 hours at the wheel this morning making about 10 knots, 8 hours out tonight. Painted all day. Sighted and passed a barkentine and a steamer. We are making great time. Hash. Had a scrape today. Wednesday May 22, 1901 Had a three hour trick at the wheel this morning. 8 hours in tonight. Steady breeze making about 8 knots. Painted about all day today and we have hash twice today. 4 hours at the wheel this afternoon. Thursday 23 Hash for supper. Had 4 hours trick at the wheel this morning. 8 hours out tonight. Friday 24 Had 3 1/2 hour trick this morning. Making about 7 knots. 8 hours in tonight Expect to reach New York next Thursday. Had 3 1/2 hour trick this afternoon. Saturday May 25, 1901 Hash for supper. Had 4 hours at the wheel this morning. 8 hours out tonight. Making about 2 knots. Sunday 26 Only 500 miles to New York. Hash for supper. Had 2 hour trick at the wheel last night and 2 hour trick this morning. Steady breeze 5 knots. Had a wash this morning. First wash in four days. 16 days out today. 8 hours in tonight. Monday 27 Only 400 miles to New York. Blowing a gale of 30 miles an hour. 8 hours out tonight. Tues. May 28, 1901 Hash for supper. Had a son of a bitch of a night last night. 8 hours out and raining all night long. About 250 miles to New York. 8 hours out tonight. Makinging about 4 knots. 19 days out today. Had a wash today. First wash since Sunday. Thursday 30 8 hours in tonight. Another miserable night last night. Hoisted up the mainsail. Very heavy, about a ton. Two and a half run did it. Nearly pulled my arms apart. 8 hours in tonight. About 70 miles to New York. Expect to reach New York in the morning early. Had 4 hour trick at the wheel this morning. Raining all day. About 30 miles from New York about noon. Very light wind. About 2 miles an hour. 8 hours out tonight. Saturday June 1 Came to anchor about 8 p.m. off Statan Island. Our misery is nearly over. We will be clear of this slave ship Monday. Sunday 2 We got a little rest on Sunday. Had a good feed today. First in 5 months. Mon. June 3, 1901 (Embellishment top and bottom of this entry) Waiting all day for the tow into the dock tomorrow . We will then be clear of this son of a hoar of a ship. Hash for supper. Tuesday 4 Still in this workhouse. Worked all day. Tug Gracie came and towed us up to Jersey City where we made fast to the dock and were free once more. Wednesday 5 Went to New York and waited around the comissioners all the forenoon waiting to get paid off. Goy paid off and got our discharge. Stayed at Aremill's Hotel. Thurs. June 6, 1901 Got up at 7.30. Jim had got up and gone leaving me. Went down to South St. and met Bert and we took the Jay Line boat ay five o'clock this afternoon for Providence R. I. Friday 7 Arrived in Providence this am. At 8 took 9.07 train for Boston. Arrived at eastern Depot at 10 and took one o'clock train from Union Depot for Laconia, arrived at four. Stayed at Dick's tonight. Saturday 8 Staid around Dick's all day and saw some of the boys. Bill Young lent me some clothes. Dick went up and told Mother I had come and he and I walked up to the Weirs tonight and I met Mother & all the rest. Sun. June 9, 1901 I staid in the house all day and Everett came up and I was pleased to see him. We had a talk and I went to bed and smoked just as I used to do." The binding is in rough shape but overall G.