The Face Shop Water Proof Mascara 10g  
No1 Super / No2 Daily /  No3 Mega 
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MTHE FACE SHOP WaterProof Mascara 10g

No1.  Super Proof  -   Mascara that does not blur even Water, sweat,                      
                                             sebum, underwater sports

No2.  Daily Proof    -  Oil, water-repellent mascara

No3.  Mega Proof    -  Volume + Longrash + Curling All-in-One Effects



This super waterproof mascara features all-star polyester brush to volumize, lengthen, and curl
Super waterproof all-in-one mascara
Features the new all-star polyester brush for mega effects
Gives mega volume, mega length, and mega curl

[How to use]

Hold the brush at the roots of lashes and brush through, using a soft sweeping motion. 
For removing the mascara, a point make-up remover should be used.


What is in the Box

The Face Shop Water Proof Mascara 10g  

- Choose  No1 Super /  No2 Daily / No3 Mega 

              10g  / 10gx2ea