Betsy the Vampire Queen


Mary Janice Davidson

Read once and enjoyed...BIG time!

...Book 1 - 4 In Undead Series

Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This is actually a compilation of the first four books in Mary Janice Davidson's "Undead" series. I happened to get this through a book club that I belong to and it was cheaper to buy the hardcover compilation than to buy the four paperbacks individually....To be honest, I rather enjoy holding a hardcover book, unless I'm reading at the beach!  Anyway,  I was definitely taking a chance by doing this because I had never read any of Davidson's works in the past. I was certainly not disappointed! fact, I believe I found a real treasure

These four novels had me erupting with laughter from the beginning of the first novel to the very last page. I can't wait until the next installments are released so I can dive right back into Betsy's world. I have always been intrigued by vampire stories and I've been equally taken with romance novels in my day. Top that off with the fact that everyone loves to laugh and you've got a triple threat of story line and a whole lot of entertainment coming your way!

Betsy's sassy, devil-may-care method of dealing with the fact that she's recently been made the queen of the vampire world adds a great deal of color to the cast of serious vampire sidekicks she encounters. Add to the mix a series of sarcastic, eccentric and comical humans and you have a character base that will never leave you bored!


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