Aircraft Of The Direct Lift Amphiblan Patent Print

Patent Title: Aircraft Especially Aircraft Of The Direct Lift Amphiblan Type And Means Of Constructing And Operating The Same
Inventor Name: Sikorsky Igor
Year Issued: March 8 1932
Item Number: 11263

  • Reprint of original Patent
  • Patent is printed on premium acid-free heavyweight matte paper giving it an authentic look
  • Made of high quality solid wood
  • Comes with glass/plexi-glass and hangers
  • Made in USA.
  • Great gift ideas for any professional, hobbyist, or collector!
Note: The image shown above of the Patent Art and Frame(if applicable) are shown in a low resolution untouched up version for easier web browsing. The print you will receive will be of a higher restored version(which includes cleaning up stray marks, straightening, etc) but it will maintain the original look of the patent. It will also not have our logo on it. We take time and great care in giving you the best possible looking print. You are not purchasing any patent rights.


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