The Order of the Red Hand Grave Divinity Ritual Pack is from our Master collection! This is pure black arts offering. Only one was ever crafted and enchanted.

This extremely powerful and one-of-a-kind ritual pack contains the spiritual essence and powers of 25,000 

Derontra entities. The Derontra are half vampire and half lich beings and live in a plane called Ahrendus. Ahrendus is a plane filled with darkness, black magick power, the corpes of dead beings and rivers of blood.

They possess power of life, death, blood, immortality, time, spiritual enslavement, suffering, and energy draining.

The ritual pack contains a ring, ritual athame, speical Order of the Red Hand oil, incense, candles, channeling stone, small black mirror, sigil scroll, unholy water, bones, chalice and all these in an oversized wooden vessel, that acts to safeguard and empower the items.

The ring acts as a transfiguration relic and dimensional portal to Ahrendus. Upon wearing the ring, it creates an eternal unbreakable bond between you and the 25,000 Derontra entities and they will pull you into the astral plane. There, the 25,000 Derontra will channel their spiritual powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Derontra God or Goddess. The vessel is enchanted to be an open vortex and it will make your home an open crossroad to Ahrendus. The Derontra entities will safeguard you for all eternity and destroy your enemies.

The main purpose of this ritual pack is to chain immortal entities with the Derontra and drain their soul and absorb their spiritual power and essence into your being to empower you and obtain their power. The end result is an obliterated entity and you becoming more powerful and having obtained the divine essence of the destroyed being.

The user of this ritual pack will obtain...

Blood Magic

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Mind Control Magic

Power Over Life And Death

Chain, Bind And Drain Spiritual Entities

Dark Power

The Power To Drain The Life From Another To Replenish Yourself

Godlike Powers

Increased Psychic Powers

Astral Projection



Revenge Upon Your Enemies

Instant Riches

Material Abundance

Vampric Powers

Total Immunity Against Illnesses, Curses, Black Magick, Pain, Negativity And Diseases

And much more...


The powers you can obtain with this ritual pack are LIMITLESS.

Do you wish to become a Derontra God or Goddess and live eternally?

Do you wish to destroy divine beings and absorb their spiritual essence and powers to make you stronger?


The 25,000 Derontra call to YOU!

Are you ready to answer their call and become an alpha predator and bow to no one?