Polartec Classic 200 Military Fleece Overalls Large Short-Regular NWT Ships Free!
These fleece overalls are manufactured by the American-based company Polartec for the United States Military and are fully capable of providing wearers the warmth needed to endure the bitter cold. Perfect for work or play, these Polartec military fleece overalls are definitely worthy of your consideration.
Our Polartec military fleece overalls are constructed from polar fleece, a synthetic fiber originally developed by Maiden Mills Industries, Inc. (now Polartec) as a lightweight alternative to wool. Like wool, polar fleece is hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb moisture. Polar fleece, however, retains its properties of insulation even when wet, making it a great choice for clothing. These particular overalls include a number of features to enhance comfort and practicality. In addition to the dual front zipper, these overalls feature full-length side zippers for easy on and off. Additionally, the elastic suspenders are adjustable to provide for a custom, comfortable fit.