Give it as-is or use it as a substitute to ordinary blank greeting card. It is such a beautiful way to convey your message for the special moment and occasion. Preprinted with phrase (You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace. Since God has blessed you forever . Psalm 45:2 (NIV) with ample space for your message. We suggest using special Silver Metallic Colored-Ink pen to write your message, sign and date for added value as keepsake. Enhance the presentation of your message with a frame that can be displayed for years to come. Unlike giving the conventional greeting card, your message will not risk being tossed or put away in file drawers. A unique and/or perfect medium for your message to the ones you love. Brand new. Wrapped in re-sealable plastic sleeve allowing for easy personalization as a note card to your loved ones. We suggest you write a brief message with colorful ink metallic pens found in stationary store, sign and date your card. Ready for Framing and gifting.