Common Name      Larkspur, Giant Imperial Mix

Botanical Name:    Delphinium consolida


Excellent for Cut & Dried Flowers


Season:                   Hardy Annual

USDA Zones:         3-10

Height:                   36” – 60 ‘

Bloom Season:       June to September

Bloom Color:         Pink, Lilac, White, Blue & Rose

Light Required:    Full sun

Depth:                    1/8”

Moisture:               Average water

Plant Spacing:       9” - 12”

Germination Time:       14-28 days** Need to Stratify prior to planting

Germination % Test     94%

Drought tolerant and requires little maintenance

Attracts: Attracts bees, butterflies, and birds

** To Stratify place seeds in moist paper towel, fold paper towel and place in refrigerator for 2 weeks prior to planting.


Reseed Easily in Mild Climates

For a continuous display sow rows 2-3 weeks apart in the spring.

Remove deadheads as soon as they fade to encourage more flowers.


All of our seeds have been hand processed, packaged and tested for germination rates. We package our seeds in padded envelopes for added protection. The seed will arrive in plastic bags that can be resealed for your convenience.

We cannot guarantee the rate of germination will match what we have tested at due to individual growing environments.  If you need additional information about growing our seeds please email us. All seeds are labeled with growing information.