Common Name Garland Daisy

Botanical Name: chrysanthemum coronarium


Season:                           Annual

USDA Zones:                 3-9

Height:                           24” – 36”

Bloom Season:               Summer to Fall

Bloom Color:                 Yellow with white

Light Required:             Sun

Depth:                            1/8”

Moisture:                        Average

Plant Spacing:                12” – 15”

Average Germ Time:     14 days

Germination % Test:     82%


Eye catching in the field and long lasting as a cut flower.

Daisies are very easy to grow. They can be planted in the spring, summer or fall. Most people direct sow their daisy seeds. Choose a sunny location, rake to loosen the soil & then sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil.

Daisy seeds should only be lightly covered with about 1/8” of soil. It is important to maintain a moistened soil for the seeds to germinate.

Once your daisies are established, they may come back year after year. If you live in a colder climate, provide a layer of mulch to protect them during the winter.

All of our seeds have been hand processed, packaged and tested for germination rates. We add padding to our package seeds for added protection. The seed will arrive in plastic bags that can be resealed for your convenience.


We cannot guarantee the rate of germination will match what we have tested at due to individual growing environments.  If you need additional information about growing our seeds please email us. All seeds are labeled with growing information.