In the last batch of Sweet Treats collections that I will get (the company that made these sets now being out of business), I found this striking pattern of gold leaves on black, and that became the focus of this piece. I believe both the silver foliage and the orange flowers on the right came from earlier such collections. With a mottled black background and bits of other orange fabrics and just a touch of green, the main image was complete. However, I sewed too close to the edge to have it wrap around to the back of the foam core when I came to mount it, so I picked up the gold-on-black fabric for the edge. That edge fabric is more than likely to show up in my future work!



My artwork is mounted on foam core, which creates a light-weight but rigid piece with a wire for hanging and a felt backing. It is treated with a sun-block spray, although prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may eventually cause fading.