DAKOTA Horse Rhythm Beads combine the colors Purple and White and Black.

Purple is the color of good judgment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. 

White signifies goodness, safety, understanding, possibilities and perfection.

Native Americans thought black was good because it was the color of soil, which gives life.

Rhythm Beads are not new to the horse scene.  The Native Americans would adorn their horses with beads, shells, feathers, etc.  It was believed that these adornments held great powers that would keep a horse and his rider safe during times of danger as well as assisting them in moving as one.  The various decorations placed on a horse during those early days would also show a tribe member's rank in the tribe.  The beads, shells, feathers, etc. did not come easy ~ they had to be earned!  The beauty of these horse and rider teams is undeniable!

There are 4 medium sized jingle bells along the sides ~ 2 that will sit on the shoulder area on each side, as well as one larger jingle bell in the center of the chest area.  This placement allows for the light melody that is produced with the movement of the various muscles.

As with all of our Rhythm Beads, there will be a clip attached to the top so you can attach them to a small amount of mane hair to keep your Rhythm Beads from slipping should your horse decide to enjoy a blade of grass or a drink of water.

You should always give your horse a chance to become acquainted with Rhythm Beads just like  you would with any other new piece of tack.   It is recommended that you connect the Rhythm Beads to your horse's mane with the attached clip to keep the beads from slipping down if your horse should lower his head for a drink or snack.  This will help prevent an accident and the possibility that your Rhythm Beads will get stepped on and broken.

It is not recommended to leave Rhythm Beads, or any other piece of tack, on an unattended horse. Please keep yours and horse's safety in mind first.

International Orders are welcome ~ Shipping will be billed for the exact charges.