Lady's Ladies Mantle Leaf 40g - Alchemilla Vulgaris - Organic Herbal Dried Tea

Lady’s mantle, a perennial plant, has been aiding women with menstruation, menopause, and weight loss for quite some time. When consumed as a tea, this plant provides numerous benefits suited towards women. For centuries, women have consumed Lady’s mantle as a tea to prevent cramps and treat a sore throat.

Known as a women’s herb, it’s worth noting, however, that Lady’s Mantle has some health benefits suitable for both genders. From improving digestion to regulating unpredictable periods, Lady’s Mantle is an herbal remedy that should be on your radar.

Health benefits of Lady's Mantle Leaf

- The powerful antioxidant activity of Lady’s Mantle keeps your looking and feeling healthy inside and out.

- Quite possibly the hallmark benefit of Lady’s Mantle, this soothing herb helps to alleviate uncomfortable menstruation symptoms, such as cramps. Women who have to deal with the frustration of an irregular and unpredictable periods will be pleased to know that one of the key benefits of Lady’s Mantle is its ability to regulate menstruation.

- The healing and soothing herbs found in Lady’s Mantle, such as salicylic acid help to alleviate pain associated with such conditions as endometriosis and fibroids.

- Lady’s Mantle has been associated with weight loss for centuries.

- Due to its antibacterial properties and salicylic acid content, Lady’s Mantle is great for treating various skin ailments.

- Drinking Lady’s Mantle tea may help to improve digestion and ease stomach cramps.


Put 1g of dry herb into 1 cup of boiling waterLet stand for 5-10 minutes. Drink maximal 1 cups per day, between the meals.