GP-7VM Russian Army Military Gas Mask with new one side filter 2018 year.

Gas-mask GP-7BM, mask black, size 1,2,3, new one side right or left filter with a certificate made 2018 year,full complete, ungrowing misted tapes, bag.

The GP-7BM was designed to replace the earlier GP-5 civilian mask, finally getting away from the uncomfortable "helmet style" mask that was used for several decades.

The variants of masks with rectangular glasses.

Gas-mask GP-7VM provides the reception of water in the put on gas-mask from a drinkable device.

GAS-MASK GP-7BM in complete set intended for protecting of breathing organs, eyes and face of man from poison and radioactive substances as steams and aerosols, bacterial (biological) facilities present in mid air.

Application: from the substances of neuroparalytic action (type sarin, hydrocyanic, radionuclidess, iodine methyl and also low-boiling organic substances, such as methane, ethane, butane, acetylene, benzol and etc.

Filters type A, B, K, ? possible be chpise for work with any substances.

Standard filter A complete set protects from steams of organic compounds (petrol, kerosene, acetone, benzol and his homologucs, bisulphid and other), dust, smoke, fog.

Mask it can not throw off the to 12 hours.

This military mask is designed for extended use and is NOT a one-time throw away. This model of mask also features an exhale valve which is protected from damage by a metal covering.The functionality is same and independent from colour of main material.

The 3 sizes of this more : 1 (standart size),2,3 maximal. (Ask me which your size You need.)

If You need not-standart size and not-standart new filter type A, please ask me before posting.

To found Your size measure Your head in cm like shown in pictures up.Find Your size from table up.

Package include:

Gas Mask GP-7 (Size 1,2,3) 1x
New Filter 2018 year with certificate 1x
Original bag GP-7 1x

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