'Tis -- oh my -- the sausage man!'

Really, dear viewers, that's who he is, courtesy of the Vienna Porcelain Factory Augarten AC!

Augarten porcelain is world-famous for its delicate and graceful shapes, its clean lines and exquisite details, and our little vendor doees not disappoint. Feast your eyes on the detailed apparel worn by this little dandy! From his black shoes with pink rosettes to his pink britches, his striped pink and white scarf, to his elegant chinoiserie-styled maroon and yellow jacket, our little vendor must have caused a few flutters among his female customers. Even his rolled sausage curls peeking underneath his elegant fur-trimmed cap are lovely! Examine our photographs and take in the staggering amount of detail that has been lavished on our sausage man. Even the sausage looks delicious! The elder Antiquarian must admit that every time she dusts this figurine she comes away with a hankering for a sausage sub.

Our little vendor stands 7-3/8 inches tall, and stands on a 2-1/2 inches by 3 inch base. He is in excellent condition, with no nicks, chips or cracks of any sort. There is one factory-based condition issue that, in our opinion, enhances rather than detracts from the value of the piece: The complex figurines produced by Augarten require the process of joining separate parts together, or what is known as 'luting'. The individual pieces of the cast or thrown ware and other cast or hand modeled pieces must be cemented together with liquid porcelain slip, decorated and finished. Even for relatively simple shapes, such as coffee cups, the handles have to be made separately and later joined on by luting. It is clear that the vendor's basket required the addition of two straps across his left arm that should have connected with his basket of sausage. That aspect of the luting process was clearly overlooked, since the straps are missing. We are confident that the straps didn't simply break away sometime during the decades this figurine has been in existence. First of all, the strap ends are not rough or jagged. Second, the vendor's arm and shirt have been carefully painted and glazed. They look quite finished! The Antiquarians didn't notice this detail for quite some time -- they were, quite simply, were too distracted by the sausage to notice the missing straps.

Our little vendor bears the blue mark of Augarten Wien on his base that dates his production to the period 1928 to 1981, although we believe that he was made sometime during the earlier decades of the 20th century. From the top of his furry cap to his gold-lined fleur-de-lis embellished base, this little man is quite a prize!

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