Beautiful 3.12ct Green, Multi-Colored, Emerald Cut, TOURMALINE Gem! This Tourmaline gemstone is 100% Real, Natural, Genuine!

It will make a Beautiful Ring, Pendant, Brooch, or Necklace! It will arrive in a Gemstone Jar, for easy storing and viewing.

Gemstone --- TOURMALINE
Weight ------ 3.12cts apx.
Shape ------- Emerald Cut
Size --------- 10x8mm apx.
Color -------- Green, Gold, Red, Brown
Hardness --- 7-7.5 on the MOHS Scale

Care & Handling: Normal care.

Tourmalines come in many different colors of the rainbow, such as: Green, Blue (Paraiba), Dark Blue (Indicolite), Pink, Red (Rubellite), Purple, Black, Orange, Yellow, and Watermelon (greens & pinks). Tourmaline is believed to dispel fears, negativity, and grief, to calm your nerves, improve concentration, and to promote tranquil sleep.