Bandai Candy 2002 Hyper Godzilla complete Set Of 5 Pieces boxed

The boxes are 5” in height by 2" thick and 3.5” wide.

The figures are:

Godzilla 2001,
the first  Godzilla ,
King Ghidorah 1964,
Mothra 1961,
Paragon 1965

The boxes have some creases and dents on them, I tried to show this in the photos. The King Ghidorah box has been opened as shown. The King Ghidorah pieces are still sealed in their plastic and the candy is still in the box. I would NOT recommend eating the candy in any of these as the expiration date on it is way over due. 

No refunds on this item if shipped outside the United States.

Thank you for looking,

John Anthony Miller
Phantom Bookshop in Ventura, CA