A Limited run of Prints were made of the following item (will be taking photos in better light): Original oil-on-canvas painting by J.R. Bissell (2017) of a Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 escudos Royal, 1711J, from the 1715 Fleet. 30" x 15" x 1-1/2". A one-of-a-kind piece of art (like the coin it portrays) showing the beauty of a Mexican Royal 8 escudos in much enlarged form, painted by someone who clearly knows and understands the coins, given the maximum accuracy in color and details, even to the point of capturing luster (with light yellows) and toning (with reds), the black background for contrast signed with the artist's skull-and-crossbones symbol at bottom right. From the artist: "From diving into the pool as a kid looking for shipwreck coins my dad would toss in, to 25 years later working with shipwreck gold everyday, there is no greater passion in my life than shipwreck treasure. My paintings back in high school used to raise thousands for charity auctions, but now I have picked up the brush again and am solely painting the #1 thing on my mind every day: treasure! This piece required over 100 hours and will almost make you forget about the treasure in your safe. Enjoying this piece of art that truly encapsulates the beauty of these coins finally gives collectors a stress free way to intoxicate themselves in the allure of shipwreck gold we are born with as kids. I believe you’ll find yourself equally mesmerized by this piece of art as the coin itself (which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) that you most likely only take out of the safe and see a couple times a year. Follow me on Instagram @itsbissell to view many other beautiful original pieces of numismatic artwork."

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