ROYAL EMERALDS MEXICO 1715 FLEET 8 ESCUDOS GOLD PLT DOUBLOON TREASURE COIN MEXICO 1715 FLEET "ROYAL EMERALDS” (4 REAL approx 3pt EMERALDS placed in between each tressure) 8 ESCUDOS GOLD ELECTROPLATED 2 MICRONS THICK (LEGALLY ONLY NEEDS TO BE .25 MICRONS BUT IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN LONGEVITY) PENDANT DOUBLOON COB TREASURE COIN Specially Handcrafted ~ MEXICO 1715 “ROYAL” 8 ESCUDOS 22KT PLATED OVER PURE SILVER. MEASURING IN AT 30mm (mini Royal) (Original piece found in July 2015, valued at over $500,000) and weighing in at approx. 10gm, The “ROYALS” are believed to have been prepared as part of the “Queen’s Dowry” that was desperately needed by King Philip V in order to consummate his new marriage. These Special Pieces were lost at Sea along with the specially prepared “QUEEN’S JEWELS” as well (which have also been salvaged / recovered). The Obverse (Crown Side) has a much more elegant Crown then even the other Royal years. The Legend reads: PHILIPUS V * DEI.*G.*1715 (DEI*G = DEI GRATIA or by the Grace of God). To the left of the Shield is the Mint & Assayer (oMJ) Mexico ~ Jose De Leon. To the right of the Shield is the Denomination (VIII) for 8 Escudos. Within the shield lies the Kingdoms King Philip V ruled over. Also in the Legend is our LOGO for Pirate Gold Coins. On the Reverse is the CROSS of Jerusalem surrounded by the Tressure and the legends read: HISPANIRUM.*ET.*INDIARUM.*REX = King of Spain and the Indies (Front and Reverse: Philip V by the Grace of God King of SPAIN and the Indies. These special handcrafted pieces are offered in two different finishes, both in Polished and Matte. We also working on producing in a combination of the two as well; whereas the surfaces will be in the Matte finish and the High Points (cross, letters, etc..) will be polished. These artistan pieces will be beautiful in Pendants (which will also offer) and will be available in pure 22kt gold as well. These special presentation pieces will allow collectors to enjoy an unobtainable Treasure without any concern of displaying in your office or around your neck. Each pieces comes with the Specially prepared Custom Wood Cherry box, velvet lined to fit the capsule it’s placed in (easily removed if desired) and with the custom “1715 FLEET” designed lid. (Limited production)

SPAIN 1556-98 4E NGC 65 PS