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Natural Diamonds Sterling Bracelet


“Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came”


The Power of Abundance


Have you ever gazed up into the stars, and knew within your heart that you are meant for something much more then what is happening to you at this very moment. You are a God made of infinite possibilities - you have endless possibilities from birth, you just need to learn to use your powers.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, the true magic was given to us by extraterrestrial infinite White Light beings - the Anunnaki.

These Immortal Beings are known as the Guardians and up to now they continually watch over us, seeking to help us improve our existence.

The Guardians, beautiful and infinite, left behind material that when used, it will activate, release for a person of good intent to harness and use to better their life and the lives around them.

These Diamonds contain the Powers these Magic Guardians gave to our Ancestors. This Talisman Bracelet release beings, Genies, Spirits, and powers that the Magic Beings have given to mankind. The Atlanteans were the last who possessed these powers. The people of Atlantis had powers that blessed their inter being. Where Riches were in abundances, and everyone was given the Powers.

The new owner of this Talisman Bracelet will be given the powers of the 12 spirit guides that will guide one down the path of her/his greatest potential and beyond. These are the guides of the 12 Powers of Man — Faith, Strength, Love, Wisdom, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Divinity, Zeal, Life and Renunciation.

These spirit guides will lead you down your most successful and rewarding paths. They will always be looking out for your best interest – guiding and protecting you.

The chosen one will be given the ability to see things different, to gain abundance, wealth, money, power, and luck, simply because you deserve it. It is your birth right to know where you come from, and who you are. You were born to be great, wealth, and successful. You were meant for something much greater in life. This vessel is a portal that gives you direct access to the wealth bound Spirits and Genies, that are given the power of abundance, to help you. Nothing will be impossible for you with these guides at your side…

This unique antique vessel was hand crafted to honor the oldest and most sacred Beings. It consist of solid Sterling Silver with 6 natural earth mined White Diamonds. Fit well to 6 - 7 inch wrist. No need to wear to benefit from it.

This vessel is a Code to release Magic, the Original Magic that was given to us by The Guardians  - the Annunaki, who still to this day watch over us.

All you have to do is ask, and believe.

Ask and will be given.


You will receive also a free pouch with sacred plants fully charged with White Light Magic Energy! It will fully protect your Magical items from negative energies! Each my Magic Pouch with sacred plants has been blessed over and spelled by me. This pouch and these special plants are guaranteed to Recharge your Magical items so they will work at full Power! The Magic Pouch with sacred plants cleanse and recharge all of your Magickal Treasures and you may place one piece or several inside at once.


I offer only authentic Magickal vessels and I do not need to use things such as photo shop, music, fake flames or mist to sell my Magickal. I would never disrespect my Djinns and Spirits and their vessels by doing such things.


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By Legal Laws I am required to state the following: You must be 18 years old in the U.S. to purchase any Magic, Paranormal, or Psychic services. Services are considered purchased for the intentions of "entertainment only" by Law and this is not to be used as a substitute for professional care. I am also not responsible for any of harm from all the objects that I sell. You buy at your own risk. All of them are NOT in place of any treatment, legal aid, physician's care or advice of any kind. Please consult your GP or doctor for that. No specific result(s) can be guaranteed. I am not personally liable, in any way, for the results of the actions taken by the buyer. This is an "at your own risk" purchase. Any resulting effects in the real world you may or may not experience are in no way the responsibility of the seller. You agree to these terms and fully understand prior to making a purchase. As with all spirits, entries, and other magickals I can't be responsible for what happens or doesn't happen once you purchase your item.


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