Sunrise at the Dock is my response to a challenge to use light and subtle color in the manner of J.M.W. Turner, a 19th century romantic painter who frequently did seascapes, and often centered his work around the sun or moon.  When looking at Turner's work, the first thing I thought of was using Angelina fiber, which is bright and iridescent, and it shows in the rising sun, the reflection in the water and the clouds in the sky.  The dock is a wood-grain fabric in pink, and I put a couple crates on it, with some rocky fabric behind the boxes and across the channel.  These were all a bit too dark for my liking, and I used decolorant to bleach them to a lighter shade, which gave the boxes a weathered look.  I decided not to use the decolorant on the border pieces of the rocky fabric to pull that forward a bit.

Size: 20" x 19"




My artwork is mounted on foam core, which creates a light-weight but rigid piece with a wire for hanging and  a felt backing. It is treated with a sun-block spray, although prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may eventually cause fading.