White Booster: Extra White Serum.



Innovative solutions for all skin problems with concentration, which can be used without causing harm to the skin. Effective as a treatment for 2 times per week. Ideal for those who have qualified for Extra White Serum in restoring the skin to lift a bright white surface. Help reduce wrinkles. With the new anti-aging. Add shine to your skin.



The cream is light and strong. It is not sticky to nourish deep within the Extra white serum that you can feel the difference.   Extra White Serum enzyme that inhibits the function of the melaninTyrosinse down. The dark spots and uneven skin white and smooth, even faced with a UV light.Gentle on the skin surface. Available every day continuously without causing any side effects.



Usage:.   Paint the whole face of the morning - cold. Sunscreen should be used in conjunction with the Miracle. Silicone in the morning to increase the efficiency of the better spots.



Ingredients: Flora Extract, Licorice,. Kojic, Berry Extract, Vitamin C.



Net volume: 5 g