The challenge for Gestalt Leaves was to use the principles of gestalt design, and among those, I chose the principles of similarity versus differences, and proximity, to create a trio of plants. I used reverse applique, with the base fabric being a piece of dark brown stretchy velvet, which adds a richness to the piece. The curlicue pattern at the bottom was part of the fabric when I bought it; it seems that on the basis of a bit of an embroidered pattern, it could be imported for a lower price, as embroidery, rather than as velvet! At any rate, I chose to keep it, and when I mounted the whole piece on foam core, decided to make the lower edge echo that shape.

Size: 20" x 24"



My artwork is mounted on foam core, which creates a light-weight but rigid piece with a wire for hanging and  a felt backing. It is treated with a sun-block spray, although prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may eventually cause fading.