This is a charming, handmade, Porcelain Patchwork puppy from Joan Baker Designs, “The Original Hand-painted Art Glass Company.” Joan Baker Designs has had more than 30 years of success in creating hand-painted art glass products that rank among the top-selling lines in the country.

Porcelain Patchworks are created by applying fabric and patches to a sculpture and then layered with many coats of a non-yellowing finish. Thus, each piece is exclusive. (No two are exactly alike).

This piece is in excellent conditions with no scratches, chips, cracks, or crazing. It appears as if it had been stored in a curio cabinet for display only.

This design is the “Blue Spring” pattern, which seems very difficult to find in the puppy model. It is a background of muted teal, with peach & yellow large flowers, white & blue and white & pink daisies, green leaves, and painted black eyes.

It still has its original ribbon and tag, as shown in the pictures. It has felt on the bottom of its feet.

It is just over 6" tall, approximately 7 ½” long and about 5 ½” wide