Small 2ft 6 x 4ft 6 Long Pile Faux Fur Area Rug, Ivory. Truly exotic with with authentic faux hide appearance and elegant design and exotic coloring, available in sizes 2 ft. 4 inches x 4 ft 6 inches, 3 ft. 5 inches x 4 ft. 6 inhes and 4 ft. 6 inches x 6 ft. 8 inches. Our Long Pile Faux Fur Rugs have an industry high weight of 1200 grams per square meter. These beautiful and affordable fake animal rugs are made with a rubberized non skid backing. Washable, hypoallergenic, stain and soil resistant and naturally fire retardant without the use of chemical treatments. Best of choices, a soft luxurious furry rug without the use of real fur. These rugs are not dyed, the colors are part of the original manufacturing process and will never fade. If you are looking for a beautiful and soft furry rug with the beauty of a natural product, without the use of animal products, then a modern Faux Fur Rug the logical choice. Hollywood Love Rugs was the first retailer to sell Faux Fur Rugs on the internet, in 1999, and we are experts. Our branded Faux Fur Rugs are made in Europe under strict EEU environmental standards. All our competition's products are made in China.