5ft x 7ft 2.0 Kilo per square meter hand woven traditional flokati rugs, approximately two inches in pile thickness, available in rectangles and rounds in natural off white, Flokati Rugs are a plush and soft shag rug and with a natural beauty suitable for any decor. Flokati is a hand crafted wool shag rug that is made from the finest wool for elegance, comfort and durability. The Flokati wool shag Rug is beautiful, durable and luxurious. Imported from Greece, and made from All New Zealand Wool, these 2.0 kilo flokati rugs are approximately two inches in pile height. Flokati rugs are naturally stain and soil resistant. The high moisture content of the fiber, along with wool's protein constituents, gives Flokati rugs excellent flame resistance too. These 2.0 Kilo Flokati Rugs are available in designer colors, and Custom Flokati Rugs are available in any color, shape or weight. Please call us at 877 LOVE RUG to discuss your custom Flokati Rug Needs.