The popular standard cheetah print pattern stenciled cowhide on Caramel;, approximately 35 square feet, is a beautiful addition to your home. All animal print cowhide rugs, are stenciled and dyed in the tanning process and thus the patterns are permanent. A cheetah print Cowhide rug is a daring addition to your home or office. You can set the style of an entire room with one of our cheetah print cowhide rugs, or compliment an existing decor. Extremely durable, these select animal print cow hide rugs can last a lifetime. Easily return their original luster with cold water and woolite. Just air dry and brush out with a wire pet brush. Easily vacuumed too. All Natural Brazil Quality. Each of our hair on cowhides is tanned and hand picked. The photo is only a representation of the hide. Each hide may vary in color, brands, or marks. Our Brazilian Hair On Cowhides feature a clean soft split suede backside and a glossy, shiny, sparkly hair, on the other. Rated the best South American hides available in the market, due to the most advanced technological procedures in tanning and finishing, we are proud to hand select all of our hides, one by one, at source tanneries. Main characteristics of our Brazilian Hair On Cowhides reside in the softness and spotless cleanliness of the suede back side, and a uniform short and shiny hair on the other.