Size #12 stainless steel meat grinder knives for the Cabelas 3/4 HP 

Fits original model or the new Carnivore

The size #12 fits meat grinders that have round discs that are 2 3/4" (69 mm) diameter

New curve design blade with larger cutting edge.  Very hard steel.  Stays sharp much longer than standard straight edge carbon blades.

New design swirl Knife measures 2 3/8" tip-to-tip.  1/2" (12.5mm) square hole.  7/16" thick

Fits Cabelas manual or electric size #12 meat grinder. Buy extras and different sizes.  We combine shipping charges. So, if you need an stuffing tube or stuffer plate, just add it on the order now and your shipping is greatly reduced.     

Butcher-Baker offers a lifetime *NO RUST GUARANTEE* on this purchase

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