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Product Description

  • The Nintendo GameCube is a console that’s completely portable but packs enormous power. It measures 14 inches in height, length, and depth, and it weighs only five pounds. The unit’s case is made of attractive, Purple plastic, and it's equipped with a convenient handle. The GameCube is the first Nintendo to use disc-based media rather than cartridges. Overall, more than 600 titles have been released for this portable entertainment setup. The system is equipped with four controller slots, which makes it great for multiplayer gaming. You'll back up and save your games using a removable SD card. This device also has 40 megabytes of internal memory. The GameCube owes its lightning-quick performance to the 485-megahertz Gekko processor that IBM designed specifically for this console. This gaming system also uses a very sophisticated graphics processor called the Flipper, which is capable of high-level simultaneous task management. The reset switch allows you to start whatever game you’re playing from its beginning. The disc cover opens by pressing a button to the right of the reset switch. The GameCube is a high-functioning piece of electronic equipment. On the bottom of the case, you’ll find a high-speed port and a serial port. These allow you to connect your equipment to a modem or a broadband adapter. With an adapter, you can participate in online multiplayer games or use a wireless GameCube controller. The ports into which you can plug cabled controllers or other Nintendo accessories can be found on the front of the unit. Beneath these ports are two slots for memory cards. The GameCube’s back sports a DC input connection port, which allows this electronic device to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. It’s a good idea to unplug your console from your electrical wall outlet when it’s not in use. Below this, there’s the slot you’ll use to connect the GameCube to a stereo audio or video cable. These cables will allow you to play your games using a TV screen.

Product Identifiers

  • Brand
  • Product Name
    Nintendo GameCube
  • UPC
  • Product Line
    Nintendo GameCube


  • Type
    Console Color                                                                                          Purple
  • Enclosure Material
  • Device Input Support
    Game pad
  • Video Color Output
  • Localization
  • Edition
    Launch Edition


  • Sound Processor
    ATI Flipper 81 MHz
  • Audio Output Support

Power & Battery

  • Battery UpTime
    Up To 18 Hours
  • Power Source Types
    Power Supply - external, Power Supply - internal
  • Battery Type
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion


  • Height
    4.33 in.
  • Weight
    0.31 lb
  • Width
    5.91 in.
  • Depth
    6.3 in.


  • Display Type

Technical Details

  • CPU Cache
    96 KB
  • Processor Quantity
  • Ram Technology
  • Supported Media
  • Video Outputs
    Component Video, Composite Video, HF TV Signal
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Ram Capacity
  • Voltage
    AC 120 V ± 10% ( 60 Hz )
  • Region Code
  • CPU
    IBM PowerPC


  • Product Features
    • Brighter backlit screen
      The amazing backlit screen brings out the sharpness and graphic richness of the huge library of Game Boy Advance games. It delivers an unsurpassed gameplay experience.
    • Adds two colors
      Nintendo adds two great members to the already-colorful portable lineup. Pick up the one that best fits your personality!
    • Same low price
      Not only did Nintendo improve the world's most popular handheld, Nintendo did it without raising the price!
  • Country Region
    United States

Hard Drive

  • Hard Drive Capacity
  • Hard Drive Cache
    256 KB Write-Back