laugh  Really, who has the time to clean out a cat food can, and use it as a subterfuge?

 cool And, you probably don't, but if you do, then you must be doing something right, and you should already have started writing your first best-selling self-help book. Either way, I applaud you! However, if you don't have the time to purchase a can of cat food, then look right here. I'm your guy! I have this beautifully cleaned cat food can, especially for you. Don't ask me how I knew; I just knew that this is exactly what you need to unlock that one door, in your life, that has always been locked... Or, just maybe, here's a can I cleaned especially for you! I hope you get it. I hope you appreciate it, for either the gesture, or the jester... Free Shipping within the U.S.A.

Cheap-O Secret Money Safe
Submitted for your consideration is one refurbished and re-purposed cat food can Cheap-O Secret Money Safe in excellent condition. This is an actual can that has had the lid removed at the seam to create the illusion of an unopened can. Edges have been smoothed down, and the can has been cleaned and sanitized for your safety. The can has not been weighted, and the top sits in place atop of the can. Hide in plain sight!
We do as little as possible to alter the can to maintain the ruse of a full can, and to keep the price down, for you.
Hiding Hint
Make this perfect hiding spot even better by putting it in your cupboard with several other similar real cans. Talk about Camouflage!
 wink Money included in the photo is not included in this offer, just so we have no misunderstandings.