This rare, vintage, mid-century treasure is a beautiful, amber-brown glazed, stoneware ewer (Or carafe or pitcher.) made by the Monmouth Pottery Company in Illinois, USA. It is backstamped with their iconic Mohave Maple Leaf and “USA” on the bottom, as all of their work is. Monmouth was later bought by the equally famous Western Stoneware Co.

Both the body and the lid are of a warm, rich, golden-caramel color and the body has a bulbous base, with a slender, fluted neck and a squared, sculptural handle. It has molded ribs running vertically up the base and neck. The rest of the piece is smooth.  

It would be a lovely addition to your table for serving beverages from and/or it would be a charming flower vase as a centerpiece for your table, mantel, or bookshelf.

Its height is 10” tall without the lid, 11 ½”  with the lid.
It is 6" at its widest point.
The base is 4 ½” is diameter.

There is a crack in the glaze around the base of the neck that is so difficult to see, that I missed it and originally thought the piece was in perfect condition. There is also a small, almost invisible spider web crack near where the handle connects to the base. 
I've lowered the price to reflect the flaws. 

The ewer itself isn’t exactly unique. You can find a couple floating around out there. It is the fact that this one has its lid perfectly intact that is rare.

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