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This is not converse size, please select size according to the true internal length
These are the true internal length
please measure your foot do not wear shoes
If a length is exactly matching your measurements
Or your foot fat please choose the next size

Womens Size:
US 5: true Internal length=8.858inch=22.5Centimeter #35
US 5.5: true Internal length=9.05inch=23 Centimeter #36
US 6: true Internal length=9.25inch=23.5 Centimeter #37
US 7: true Internal length=9.5inch=24 Centimeter #38
US 7.5: true Internal length=9.64inch=24.5 Centimeter #39
US 8:true Internal length=9.84inch=25 Centimeter #40
US 9: true Internal length=10 inch= 25.5 Centimeter #41
US 10: true Internal length=10.2inch=26 Centimeter #42
US 10.5:true Internal length=10.43inch=26.5 Centimeter #43
US 11:true Internal length=10.62inch=27 Centimeter #44

Mens Size:
US 6: true Internal length = 9.5 inch =24 Centimeter #38
US 6.5: true Internal length = 9.64 inch =24.5Centimeter #39
US 7: true Internal length = 9.84 inch =25 Centimeter #40
US 7.5: true Internal length = 10 inch =25.5Centimeter #41
US 8: true Internal length = 10.2 inch =26 Centimeter #42
US 8.5: true Internal length = 10.43inch =26.5Centimeter #43
US 9:true Internal length = 10.62inch =27 Centimeter #44
Measurement error +/-0.2inch

I can only guarantee to send you is the size of your order corresponds to the actual internal length.
If you choose the wrong size shoes dont fit your foot I will not accept responsibility.
These are not converse brand but also comfortable and high quality.
Shoes need a production process, 1 to 3 days is the time to prepare.
Shipping to you usually need to 1-2 weeks, arrival time is different in different areas.
I will add tracking number after shipment You can check it out on USPS Web site
Sometimes the post office website information update have a delay, but is still in the transport package, please be patient!
If you haven't received it for more than 30 days, please contact me in time
Please let your shipping address and paypal address, I followed the order address to send them.
the wrong shipping address I will not accept responsibility!
Please confirm the payment has been authorized in order, I dont accept payment unauthorized caused a refund!
If I send you a wrong size or shoes quality problems, please send a photo proof, I will send again or a refund to you!
The refund I don't accept is just that you don't like it.
If you have any question, please contact me, thank you!