Just in time for Valentine’s Day! This is an adorable, plush Boyd’s Bear, by the name of Scarlett Bearington. She is the height of fashion in her genuine, red, mohair coat and her posh, suede paw pads. She is sporting a tres chic ribbon about her neck.
She is jointed, so that she can get comfortable in most any position.
She is 12” tall. She was born with her sisters of the same name, sometime during 2002/2003, and there have been no more of her born since 2003.
Nice humans used to take her home for $45.00, which was her original price.

She has her original tags and is in mint condition.

She is looking for a kind person to take her home and make her part of the family. She doesn’t take up much room and she doesn’t eat much. I promise you, she is house trained.

Her model number is #590043-02 and her tag ID is 5820, as shown in the pictures.