Sturdy Ceramics & Comfortable Heat-proof Handle
These high-quality ceramic mugs have been designed to last. Each one we ship is sturdy and
durable, made with value in mind. The mug is also designed with a comfortable heat-proof handle,
so you wont burn your hand when youre holding your hot drink. Whether you need a tea or coffee
in the morning to pick you up or a hot chocolate as you wind down in the evening, our mugs are a
perfect addition to your kitchen.

Latte Mugs Are Available In Different Sizes:
12 oz / 350 ml
17 oz / 500 ml

Carefully Packaged
We want you to have a great experience with our products beginning to end, and take every bit of
care in our packaging to ensure theyll be safe in transit. You can rest assured that your mug will
arrive securely packaged, bound in bubble wrap, all in a recyclable box.