Vintage Sash Brooch Pin Woman Military Hat Profile Brass Pine Cones
Large High Relief Repoussé Embossed Metal
Hand Stamped & Wrought
Pinecone Oak Motif
Cameo Head Face
Victorian or Art Nouveau
Nature Arts & Crafts
Figural Oval Brooch
Three Dimensional 3D
This is an unusual and large beautiful vintage Victorian or Art Nouveau style repousse sash brooch or pin done in brass. This type of brooch was originally used to fasten a sash or scarf to the bodice or the waist of a dress and were popularized by Queen Victoria. The pine cones mark the shift from Victorian and Art Nouveau flowers into more of the naturalistic Arts and Crafts motif. The Oak motif suggests the primacy of the British Empire. It has a woman’s face in profile and she is wearing a hat, it almost looks military in style, could be part of an Army or Air Force uniform.
It is quite large and measures approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches high. The pine cones and needles are raised in design and well defined over a textured surface. It has a “C” clasp style pin on the back.  I don’t know when or where this was made and it is unmarked so I have no idea of the actual time it was created.  In one of the pictures I have shown an old post card (post card is not included in the listing) of a woman in a similar uniform, which looks a lot like the woman on the brooch. She is also similar to the women you see as Gibson Girls.
This finely crafted brooch does show wear, some tarnish and irregularities consistent with age and the fact that it was handmade. There are also scratch marks and tarnishing on the back. I have not polished it as I think the patina is gorgeous the way it is. I will leave any polishing up to you if you so desire. Please look at the close up photos as they are part of the description and show the details better than I can describe. It is a one-of-a-kind lovely piece that is sure to please.
It will be a fine addition to your collection of vintage jewelry, especially if you collect sash or scarf pins. This is a wonderful brooch for a sweater or a coat and will look great on a scarf or the V of an elegant black dress. It will also be perfect with your favorite pair of jeans or as a lapel or scarf pin. I have taken a picture of it on a top placed in the “V” so you can see what it would look like. It would also be an excellent embellishment for vintage furnishing or on a decorative wood jewelry box.
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