Linux Voyager GS Gaming Live OS 8GB Bootable USB Flash Drive (64 Bit)

Hello everyone. I present the new GS Voyager Special Gamers Linux -based Voyager 16.04 LTS. 

Steam and login Steam for Linux and Wine-1.9.12 Staging - winetricks for emulation with configuration scripts. Gnome Twitch is also the party for Gamers videos. DJL Game Manager with many free games that a little free equivalent of Steam. PlayOnLinux will however be absent, enough to install it but be careful to duplicate Wine. The goal is to offer turnkey opportunity to start their games in Steam linux or the emulator Wine-Staging with the latest up-to-date, as easily as possible. Although Voyager GS is for players was however left some configurations Voyager 16.04 LTS for those who wish to have the 2 platform , standard lightweight Voyager and Gamers. Also, we can as well use the GS and do everything else necessary. The goal is not to have lots of games or multiple configurations games but just the necessary.

Steam - Steam login 
Wine-1.9.12 Staging 
winetricks - Gnome Twitch 
DJL Game Manager

Xfce4-12.2 Xfdashboard Xfce4 hotcorner-plugin-Planck-Firewall Gufw Kupfer Mintstick-usb Synaptic Software Cpu-G Conky Zenity Yad Testdisk Deja-dup Gnome-disk-utility grub-customizer Gdebi Synaptic Boot-repair Os-Kernel 4.4 uninstaller Intel Support Skylake

Kodi Media Center Smtube youtube-dl Mpv Radiotray Clementine Kazam Cheese

Office - Graphic
LibreOffice Evince PDF-Gnome-Calendar Gthumb Ristretto

Social - Internet
Firefox Thunderbird Transmission Pidgin


 Can be run as a stand alone from the flash drive or installed to the hard drive. When running from the Flash drive, no changes are saved on reboot. 

 Your computer must be capable of booting from USB, running the OS from USB makes no changes to your hard drive or current operating system.


 Linux is free software under the GNU public license, the purchase price is for material and preparation.

All HuntForDeals Live OS Flash Drives ship from Port Angeles, WA and will ship seperate from items from any other category.


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