This is for a HP Pavilion dv4 Special Edition Laptop AMD Turion 4GB RAM being sold AS IS.  The laptop comes with a power adapter and powers on, but the screen does NOT light up.  Also, there is no hard drive and some cosmetic plastic damage on the bottom.  The CPU might have been removed, but a Turion TMZM82DAM23GG is included with this purchase.  I did not dig down into the motherboard to see if anyone removed the CPU, but the box had the Turion in it, so don' t know if it came from the laptop, or if it was intended as an upgrade.  Also included are 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB), a lightScribe multi recorder DVD drive, a remote control, and documentation.  A battery is also included, but no gurarantee that it will take a charge.  I tried to take a lot of photos to show what all is included.

Included: Special Edition dv4 Laptop, Power Adapter, AMD Turion CPU, 4GB RAM (2x2GB), lightScribe DVD drive, Windows Vista Eula, Battery, and Documentation.

Not included: Hard Drive, Software

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This is being sold AS-IS, no warranty.

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