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I created this clip art from a picture i took of my friends dog. I even included a small example of the picture i took just so you can see where he came from :)

This would be great to make stickers, cards magnets etc...

This is a digital jpg and a png file at 200dpi. Just purchase download image then print it out

This image is 4.7" x 5.9" inches at 200 dpi

PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE or share images,, DO NOT RESELL this image!,. You are more than welcome to create anything you want that is a Physical good. You can even sell whatever you create. You MAY NOT resell these images as your own digital images or use them to create any other form of digital media whatsoever and that includes cds. Not to be sold on sites like cafepress, zazzle, red bubble etc... each image may be printed and used up to to 200 times.