Weighing Range: 1g-5000g

Weight unit: g or OZ

Product Size:13.5*13.6*4.5cm

Round Glass: 13.6cm

Glass thickness:4.0mm

Button Introduction


2 Time

3 Unit

Time Regulation: Press "time" button for 3 seconds, then single click" time" button to adjust hour and minute ,to reduce or add hour by pressing "unit" button. press "TIME" to finish the regulation

Weighing Operation: Press " tare" in the time status, "HELLO" will appear and then shows 0g.

press "UNIT" to choose ?g" or "oz". put the item on and its weight shows, after that, press "TIME ?to return time status.

Tare Function?When there is an item on the round glass ,you don't have to take it away when you want to weigh other items, you can press " TARE" button to return to 0g, put other items on and you will can see their weigh accurately. See the photo the photo indicates.


Package Included:

1 X Digital Scale

1 X Free CR2032 batteries