Personalized Family Tree -Made to Order

A stained glass tree is a beautiful piece of nature symbolizing family. A special family heirloom is created with family names sandblasted onto the glass to create this family tree. A hand made fused glass is featured using shades of green, blue greens to represent the canopy of leaves.

Beveled glass adds sparkle and the gold border frames the window as a picture is framed.It makes a beautiful gift for an anniversary or special family memento. The sandblasting is a permanent etched legacy.

Custom approximately 17" wide X 21" tall

" I love the idea of a family tree and designed this stained glass tree for my our dining room to celebrate our family in a permanent piece of art. " - Linda

This is the example of the prototype I made for our family.

-It shows our last name and wedding date sandblasted in the hill.

-The wife and husband's names are sandblasted on the left and right side of the tree

(Linda and Robert).

-Each branch represents a child.

(Our 5 children's names are sandblasted on each branch, and my daughter's children are on the upper branches with her and her husband's name)

One of our most popular designs, these windows have become very popular as a parent gift given together by the combined children. I will soon be offering this design in 5 more color combinations (see other listings).

"I love it so much. As our kids grow up they can have their spouses and kids names added. I have to say it actually made me cry when I saw it so I guess that says it all. It's perfect." - Etsy customer rsah3400


First, Linda cuts the leaf glass and hand loads the kiln with clear glass, adding sprinkles of different types of confetti glass and thin sticks to represent branches onto a background glass. Next the glass is fired in the kiln to 1400 degrees. This process takes 20 hours.

Next, each piece of glass is chosen for beautiful color and texture in the balance of the design. In a time extensive process, one by one, each piece of glass is hand cut, fitted, wrapped in foil or lead came and soldered. Finally the lead is oxidized with a colored patina. The window is glazed, inspected, cleaned and waxed before it ever gets to the shipping stage. The window is framed in sturdy zinc with hooks included at the top. The completed window is hand packed in our unique shipping method.


About the Artists: Robert Neely and Linda Hiatt-Neely have bachelor's degrees in fine art and have been designing stained glass gifts and windows for since 1985. Linda received her master's degree in 2011 from Lesley University in Cambridge.

"I began my career with pastel drawing, oil painting and print making in an impressionistic style. I was drawn toward stained glass early in the 80s because of two reasons: the light element in glass that changes the piece depending on the hour of the day and the fact that art can be a functional piece of a home.

I choose each piece of glass like an artist blends the colors in a painting . . . but with the added dimension of light. Glass speaks to me in each design. No two windows will ever look the same because of the nature of the hand made glass. I use opacity, transparence, iridescence, as well as color and texture in each piece I make. My best work is done when clients allow me the artistic freedom to choose glass to create the best piece of art I can. " - Linda

Some of our clients range from Walt Disney World to New York City, Sante Fe, Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Canada and the UK.


The item is packaged very carefully for the safest delivery. We use Federal Express and have worked with them to design an expert shipping method that has a guarantee the glass will be delivered safely. (See diagram of our method of shipping layers.) We use specialty foam, bubble wrap and recycled packing cushion using recycled newspaper end rolls. We are proud to know the money we spend on newspaper packing goes directly back into our local schools to fund education programs. Please ask for shipping other than US, we will be glad to get an estimate!


Feel free to contact our studio for custom work including stained glass, sand-carving, and edge-lit luminary designs. Custom orders are our specialty, contact us and we can custom design a window for your home, that not only is an original piece of art, but an investment that will add value to your home.

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Original Design Copyright 2012 Linda Hiatt-Neely