Blessings and welcome to druidshaven! I understand exactly why you have been drawn to reading these words at this moment and you can now relax knowing You are now at the right place at the right time!

If you are reading this you unfortunately may think you are under threat of being hexed, cursed or that someone is going to call and use the dark energies against you.

You may be worried the above has already happened to you....or you are not sure..

But how do you know when you are cursed?

Are there signs of spiritual poisoning?

There are many indications you have been cursed, hexed or are under spiritual attack..

Are you having Nightmares?
Persistent or recurring bad dreams could be a sign that an evil worker has gained access to your mind. Dreams of being killed or injured, bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion, or of falling from a great height are signs that you have been cursed.

Are you suffering from Loss of Energy?
If you were once full of energy and the joys of life, but now are listless and prone to negative thoughts, the cause might well be a hex surrounding you with negative energies.

Severe bad luck?
If you have lost your job or home, or taken some other monetary hit, or suddenly feel the the deep foreboding of loss this could well be a sign a jinx has been put on you.

Has your Relationship hit Difficulties?
If things were once fantastic and rosy in your marriage or relationship, and suddenly turned dark or sour without warning, someone could be working evil against you – perhaps having hit you with a break-up spell, or casting a love spell on your soul mate.

Have you recently developed Health Issues?
If you have inexplicable health issues,all of a sudden, gotten strange allergies, nagging headaches, panic attacks, fear of leaving your home, fear of heights or other inexplicable fears that never worried or bothered you before it may be the result of black magic.

Have you noticed any Dark Omens?
Has a favorite heirloom or lucky piece of jewellery gone missing or broken inexplicably…or you see three crows together cawing in a cemetery …have you noticed three black dogs in the street looking ominously at you…it is not a good sign. A dark cloud of ill omen could well be warning you of a a curse or hex.

Are getting Inexpiable Pains?
If you get nagging pains anywhere in your body that you cannot explain, unpleasant aches in your lower back or stomach, or even pains in your legs, someone may be working a curse against you.

Insomnia or waking up at night?
If you suddenly wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep, it may be a sign that a dark energy is targeting you with a curse. Perhaps driving a pin into the heart of a voodoo doll – or calling on some other dark magic.

Any Legal issues?
Have you’ been caught speeding or picked up some fines? Have you been hit by a lawsuit or criminal charges? This could be down to dark energies in your life that are leading you into trouble.

Well, worry not, dear friend, as I can break any hex or curse and cast a protection spell that will wrap around you like a knight's armour giving you the ultimate protection.

First we cast a hex breaking spell; this will break any curse, hex or dark energy placed upon you. This you will receive as soon as you purchase. I will then need your full name and date of birth so I can commence phase 2 the protection spell itself, I triple cast the spell for maximum power and potency, as I cast this on your behalf I will also send you a protection spell you can cast yourself, which will help in the speed the energies will start protecting you.