The original 1980 10 part Free To Choose series is now packaged as this centennial collection of 12 newly mastered DVDs. This collection contains many memories of the life Milton and Rose lived together, and the powerful ideas that resulted from that relationship: The original 10 part Free To Choose series, remastered with English, Spanish and Portuguese audio and English subtitles. I, Remember a collection of special stories from those who knew Milton and Rose best people like former Secretary of State George Shultz and Nobel Prize laureate Gary Becker. Two public television specials: Tyranny of the Status Quo Milton is joined by seven young adults to explore the role of government as an agent for social change and The Three Letter Word: TAX which depicts debate of the contentious balanced budget/tax limitation amendment. Along with The PRC Forum: Milton Friedman, in which Dr. Friedman urges alertness to the difference between false and real problems concerning government and additional behind-the-scenes or never before seen footage.