A message from television producer and Idea Channel Founder Bob Chitester:

Recorded in 1977-78, these 15 lectures by Milton Friedman were originally intended to be the core content of what became the Free To Choose television programs.

When I first approached him about hosting a TV series, Milton was concerned about his ability to "talk to the camera," so he proposed giving a series of lectures, which would be used as the core of the TV programs. In an effort to convince him to undertake the venture, I agreed to try this approach, while explaining my reservations. After doing about six of the scheduled lectures, he realized my assessment was correct, but since he had already agreed to the other appearances, all 15 were completed.

Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich provided funding to record the lectures and for several years sold video tapes to colleges and universities. The rights to the recordings have now reverted to Free To Choose Enterprise, which has licensed The Idea Channel to make them available to the general public. They'll introduce you to Milton Friedman's brilliant analytical skills while demonstrating his ability to make economics understandable. We hope you find them informative, as well as entertaining. ©1978 / 19 hrs.