Are you ready for the Renaissance Festival?!! You will fit right in in this great handmade suede leather vest! Wore a similar one to my own wedding!

Size is adjustable due to lacings, so no worries if you put on or take off those miserable couple pounds that strike us ladys unexpectedly! And they do feel so feminine to wear!

Jeweled studs give this an extra bit of shine, but not too much! Us peasants didn't dress too fancy. Silver tone grommets hold lacings. Side and back seams hand sewn. Patterned from a standard laced vest.

I have no problem wearing one for cooler seasons also for warmth. Can be made with different tones of leather if preferred. Just contact me and tell me what you want!

I love working with and designing my own products, so supplies are always limited. I advertise only what I have available.I try very hard not to make the same design twice in the decorations. If you have a request or suggestion, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do!

Sold separately!

NOT for children!

Order must be paid for and confirmed before shipping. Ship to USA

Because most items are to be worn or are in home personal items, they are non-returnable and as so, nonrefundable. Insurance is suggested if you are in doubt about product and is the responsibility of buyer. So be sure to ask first before purchase.