Medicine bags are made for your most precious possessions. You can't afford to let this go without one of your own. Makes a great gift too!!!

Two toned bags. Hand cut from suede leather. Hand sewn. Personal designs. Softer than a baby's butt !!!! Crow bead on straps.

Suede Leather Hand-cut and Sewn with Waxed Sinew. Simple patterned. Hand cut from baby soft suede and top laced with leather. Crow beads on straps for special design.

Baby soft! 3"x5" bags. All work done with my own hand tools from hole punching to hand sewing. no machine stitches here.

I love working with and designing my own products, so supplies are always limited. I advertise only what I have available.I try very hard not to make the same design twice in the decorations. If you have a request or suggestion, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do!

Sold separately!

Order must be paid for and confirmed before shipping. Ship to USA

Because most items are to be worn or are in home personal items, they are non-returnable and as so, nonrefundable. Insurance is suggested if you are in doubt about product and is the responsibility of buyer. So be sure to ask first before purchase