Vintage Piggy Bank Pig Penny Coin Bracelet Charm Set Sterling Silver
Lincoln Head Two Sided 1 Cent Dated 1964
Figural Three Dimensional 3D
Made in the United States U.S.A.
Small Tiny Realistic Necklace Dangling Pendant
Whimsical Farm Barnyard Animal
This is an adorable little piggy bank charm set, featuring a pig and a tiny detailed Lincoln penny coin, the coin is dated 1964. It is not signed and it is not marked as sterling silver, but the jeweler said it is sterling (it has not been tested). It is highly detailed and three dimensional. It measures approximately ½ of an inch tall and wide. It weighs .15 ounces on my postage scale, which converts to 4.25 grams. 
This charm is in great vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged photographs. I have not polished it as many people prefer the patina that only comes with age. I will leave any polishing up to you. You don’t see the patina with the naked eye, it looks quite shiny. Please look at the photos as they are part of the description and show the details better than I can describe.
This would be perfect for anyone with a charm bracelet, or someone who is a pig lover. It could also be worn as a pendant on a necklace.
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