Underbust sleek n sexy brocade corset in brown benefits from the dual design of brocade texture and faux leather belts. It also has a vintage American fifties appeal.




Underbust pattern perfect for long, medium & short torso female.

Front length is 11 inches (28 cm).
Bust to Bottom-length is 10 inches (25.4 cm).
Side length is 9.2 inches (23.4 cm).
Back Length is 11.4 inches (29 cm).

Bone: 14 Flat steel bones are distributed all around the corset.

Front opening is zipper which is 10 inches long.

Lacing: It has 7 meter long black lace which is used to tight lacing the corset.

Grommets in the back 12 X 2 = 24 total.

Panels: It consists of 12 Panels 6 each in front and back.

Modesty panel: 6 inches wide. To get it covered from back too.

Fabric Layer-1: Shell Fabric Brocade.

Fabric Layer-2: Fused 100% Cotton Twill for extra comfort.

Waist tape: 1-inch-wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold.

Suspender loops: 6 suspender loops at inside bottom.

Bone casing: Bones are specially placed under Cotton Twill casing.

Piping: Top and Bottom piping with Brown Faux Leather Tape.